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About RxRise’s Nationwide Service

With a little innovation and a lot of passion, we knew we could transform direct access for the pharmaceutical supply chain. It’s a big machine to change, but with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and pharmacies, our revolutionary marketplace platform can make a real impact. It’s time to transform direct access by giving the pharmaceutical supply chain a new solution... and we are on a mission to do that.


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Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors.

Bringing together today’s leaders in the worlds of healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

We are the new solution for direct access in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our goal is to have one marketplace platform that lists Rx dated, short-dated, surplus, OTC and medical supplies directly to buyers nationwide. Our successful pharmacy buyers today, live in a world where they have visibility to competitive, transparent pricing and products that aren’t available in traditional channels.


Adam Gladieux

Founder and CEO

Leadership Team

Adam has gained a keen understanding of the pain points surrounding the pharmaceutical supply chain. Having worked in various leadership roles in his almost 18 year pharma career, he understands the challenges to the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, from manufacturer down to the pharmacy. His passion for business, healthcare, technology and the environment gives RxRise a unique perspective on the pharmaceutical supply chain.

When he’s not working on the latest project, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids. He also enjoys basketball, running and has a passion around all things growth mindset.

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